Customer Reviews Policy

Green Vista Tree Care is dedicated to transparently publishing customer feedback and reviews. This policy applies to reviews submitted by customers and/or through 3rd party review sites monitored on the platform. We reserve the right to remove posts, comments, or reviews that violate these content policies.

Reasons for removing a review may include (but are not limited to):

  • Reviews that mention or contain personal and confidential information
  • Vulgarity/Sexually Explicit content
  • Threats/Dangerous content
  • Hate Speech/Discriminatory content
  • Unverified customers
  • Off-topic or unrelated reviews (wrong location, someone else’s experience, etc.)
  • Spam
  • Advertising or solicitation
  • Illegal or unlawful content

By submitting feedback or a review, you are allowing Green Vista Tree Care to use that content for marketing or advertising purposes.