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Many of our customers leave reviews on Angie's List (where we're regularly awarded a Super Service Award) and Home Advisor. The reviews below are taken directly from those websites - please feel free to check them.

5.0 | 09/05/2019
Review by Grace J. in Arlington, VA
Project: Tree Pruning and Removal
Excellent service. Very competitive prices and work was performed as discussed. Wiley was very helpful in figuring out what needed to be done. A+

5.0 | 08/30/2019
Review by Margaret H. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim or Remove Trees and Shrubs
Great clean up after removing a tree and trimming multiple tree branches. Willing to work with the customers schedule.

5.0 | 08/28/2019
Review by Ed G. in Springfield, VA
Project: Remove dead 120' high white oak with twin trunks from back yard
I could not ask for a better job. Beginning with Wiley Holland's appraisal of the tree--dying (and why) and why the danger this now posed to us and our neighbors; his cost estimate, and determination that this was an "urgent" job Green Vista Tree Care handled this job with unsurpassed professionalism. Five days after Wiley's estimate, the Green Vista crew was on site and on the job! The job required a ten-man crew, crane truck with 120' extendable boom chipper truck, and at least two wood hauling trucks, two timber/cutters, and an experienced crane operator. The crane was positioned in our front yard with the boom extending over our roof to the oak in our back yard. The boom was used to lower cut limbs directly from the tree and to pick up limbs lowered by rope to our back yard. The crane then lifted the larger limbs over our house and lowered them into prepositioned trucks. Smaller branches were cut by the crew and then carried up to the front yard to feed a chipper. The work was non stop except for a half hour lunch break, and the entire job including extensive clean up was finished in under eleven hours. The crew also cut to order four sections of one of the tree's trunks to be made into tables at a later date (by a furniture craftsman). The crew cleared and cut some foliage from other trees and bushes to gain unimpeded access to the oak but they took extreme care not to damage our extensive gardens, nearby garden shed, or our home (much appreciated). The twin stump was sawed off at my designated level and cut as level as possible so it can be used as a stand for flowers or other objects (see attached picture). All said, this was an unbelievably great job and a challenging one at that. The reason I give a 'B' instead of an 'A' for cost is that I had one lower estimate but even so this was 10K well spent. I would recommend Green Vista Tree Care to anybody. I'm attaching two additional pictures of the tree before it was cut to give an idea of its size. (See pictures on Angie's List)

5.0 | 08/26/2019
Review by Peggy B. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Tree removal
This review is long overdue. IN late 2018 we had a huge oak tree that was listing dangerously toward our neighbor's house. Daniel Foster & Wiley of Green Vista came out several times to review and estimate the complex work, due to power lines and pending weather. After the power company finally cut down most (but not all) of the tree, I had Green Vista return to cut down a different huge oak tree that was dying. While they were here they took down the rest of the first tree so we didn't have an ugly 25-foot "stump." All that wood was hauled away by the crew, which was a tremendous undertaking itself. The entire crew was well-skilled, well-trained, and extremely professional in their work. Daniel and Wiley were great to work with, and we would certainly call on them again.

5.0 | 08/15/2019
Review by Matt C. in Herndon, VA
Project: Large Tree Removal & Large Tree Trimming
I found them to be very professional throughout the process, from the folks who I made initial contact with, to those who performed the work. I had concerns about the safety of my pool which was right next to a tree I was having Green Vista take out, and they took the proper steps to make sure damage didn't occur.

5.0 | 08/13/2019
Review by Gary G. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Removal of two crape myrtle and their stumps.
Really well.

5.0 | 08/12/2019
Review by Hugo C. in Vienna, VA
Project: Trim or Remove Trees and Shrubs
Extremely professional, fair pricing, above average cleanup after the job.

4.5 | 08/02/2019
Review by Richard C. in Springfield, VA
Project: Trim or Remove Trees and Shrubs
Courteous, efficient, and thorough. Cleaned and disposed of trimmings after completing work. Highly recommended.

5.0 | 07/29/2019
Review by Daniel B. in Clifton, VA
Project: Tree removal and canopy raised
Project went very well and the 4-man team worked together and executed their responsibilities seamlessly.

5.0 | 07/17/2019
Review by Y S. in Vienna, VA
Project: Remove Trees
Excellent Service. Real Professional.

5.0 | 07/17/2019
Review by Diane Y. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Tree Trimming
Great crew. They were all professional, efficient at their jobs, wonderful trimming expertise and superb clean up. Shout out to Wiley.

5.0 | 07/05/2019
Review by David M. in Arlington, VA
Project: Hauling, Tree Service
Small dogwood tree removed and two large ones trimmed.
Green Vista consultant Daniel Foster was great at providing a detailed estimate, as well as offering innovative solutions to our tree issues. For example, he recommended elevating the lower canopy of our Yoshino cherry tree by removing lower branches that were growing toward wires going to our house. The result was a well-shaped tree that no longer touched the wires or the house. Daniel also had great advice for trimming our silver maple tree in the back.

4.5 | 06/27/2019
Review by Winifred G. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Project turned out great. I was not home during the work, but when I arrived the work was done and my property was perfectly cleaned and tidy.

5.0 | 06/04/2019
Review by Peter S. in Burke, VA
Project: Remove Trees

5.0 | 05/15/2019
Review by Gary M. in Falls Church, VA
Project: Trim trees
This company had all of the right equipment to cut down our rotting tree in front of our house and to trim dead limbs from two other trees in our back yard.

5.0 | 05/14/2019
Project: Four shrubs removed from front yard
Mr. Holland and his team did an amazing job! He came in to do an estimate and provided valuable guidance regarding the process and explained the work clearly. Thankfully, the crew was available the same day and they came in and removed the shrubs (about 4-5ft tall) quickly and cleaned up the entire area. Would highly recommend!

5.0 | 04/08/2019
Project: Tree removal and stump grinding
Very pleased with their efforts!

5.0 | 03/08/19
Review by Chgore C. in Arlington, VA
Project: Remove Trees

5.0 | 02/28/2019
Project: Trimming of 1 mature and 1 young maple trees
Estimate and service were both efficient and professional. Pricing was fair. Scheduling was easy. Trees look great. Would hire again.

5.0 | 12/12/18
Project: Tree trimming and removal
When the estimator came out, he walked the property with me, suggesting what each tree needed and asking what I wanted. He was the most knowledgeable and helpful of the estimators from the three companies I called. The price he quoted was also the most reasonable of the three. The crew that showed up to do the work also exceeded my expectations. The trees now look beautiful. I will definitely call Green Vista again when I need tree work.

5.0 | 11/29/18
Project: Removed Very Large Tree, Extracted Roots and Removed Two Other Very Tall Bushes
They were very good! They kept me up to date on everything that was happening. I will hire them again and recommend them.

5.0 | 10/18/18
Review by William A. in Herndon, VA
Project: Trim Trees
The task was done to specifications, and they did an excellent job cleaning up the work site.

5.0 | 09/30/18
Review by John M. in Springfield, VA
Project: Remove Trees
Green Vista did an excellent job trimming the trees, removing a large tree and grinding the stumps. Very good work for the price.

5.0 | 09/22/18
Project: Large tree removal
Provided prompt lowest bid, performed work within a week, pleasant phone and email follow-ups.

5.0 | 09/14/18
Project: Tree cutting and trimming
Process was very straightforward and smooth. Made an appointment, they made themselves available for an estimate, and arrived right on time. Courteous and customer focused.

5.0 | 09/08/18
Review by Tricia B. in Arlington, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Green Vista Tree Care was amazing. This was my first time having a tree removed. I was highly impressed.

5.0 | 08/29/18
Project: Tree removal
Prior to the project, Green Vista arrived at my house and quickly provided an estimate for the needed work. During the process the company kept me informed and confirmed when and how the work would be performed. The crew did excellent work and the project went very well. I would definitely use Green Vista again.

5.0 | 08/21/18
Project: Tree trimming and tree removal
Highly recommend Green Vista. Daniel was fantastic. He was out one day for an estimate and the work was started the next day. They were prompt, professional, and extremely helpful. We will use again.

5.0 | 08/15/18
Project: Tree removal and stump grinding
Great! Maintained regular contact with me regarding when the work would be completed because of the weather. Job completed as planned. Very pleased and would hire again.

4.5 | 08/08/18
Review by Robert B. in Manassas, VA
Project: Remove trees
Very professional and knowledgeable. Excellent service!

5.0 | 08/04/18
Project: Removal of a small tree, stump grinding, clear deadwood from three trees, and removal of invasive vine
Outstanding experience from start to finish. Daniel came out on a Saturday morning, walked the property with us, and on the spot was able to provide an estimate for services. He offered us a great deal on some lower priority items which we added to the work order. He also let us know that one or trees will probably have to be removed in the future, but that they could cut back some of the deadwood to keep things safe for now and let us enjoy the trees for another couple of years. Most of the work was completed that Monday and nobody had to be home, which was great. They had let us know the only thing that couldn't be done that Monday was the stump grinding since they had to wait on Miss Utility to mark the utility lines. It took about a week for Miss Utility to come out, but Green Vista was out the day after to finish the stump grinding. Outstanding experience and we will use them again in a heartbeat.

5.0 | 07/28/18
Review by Dipankar P. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Remove trees
Very professional. Everything done on time. Great price.

5.0 | 07/25/18
Review by Melissa B. from Reston, VA
Project: Dead tree removal, dead limb removal, small tree removal
They got right back with me, both the arborist and the office staff, when I requested an estimate online. We met a few days later and I had the estimate the same day. Daniel was attentive and really figured out how the job would be done. We were given 24 hours notice of when the work was going to be done. The day of the job, they arrived on time with a large crew. They had a small forklift to take the large chunks of the trunks up our steep driveway and placed them on the truck. They were done with the whole job in less than 5 hours. Very impressive. The price was competitive with the other estimates we received, but their professionalism made them a much better deal.

5.0 | 07/05/18
Review by Susan P. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Very courteous. Excellent job on the clean up. Arrived when they said for the estimate and the job. Highly recommend.

5.0 | 06/28/18
Review by Juan from Arlington, VA
Project: Cut down an aging maple and ground stump
I don't think it could have gone better. I requested prices from 4 vendors, all responded but only 2 actually came out and gave an estimate. Went with Green Vista because they responded first and with the most detail about how the work would progress. The estimator Wiley followed the job from beginning to end...The work itself was well done. My yard is small and full of plants, damage was a miniumum. Way beyond my expectation. The yard was left extremely clean, no sticks or trash visible. I would not hesitate to recommend Green Vista to any of my friends.

5.0 | 06/22/18
Review by Brandon H. from Alexandria, VA
Project: Elevate red oak tree in back of townhouse
Wiley was great to work with - knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive. Work was very good and cleanup job was outstanding. Green Vista even did some leaf cleanup in my back yard when I was only expecting them to haul away the tree debris. Pricing was very reasonable as well. Highly recommended.

5.0 | 06/20/18
Review by Kenneth L. from Alexandria, VA
Project: Trimming a 35 year old pin oak tree
The work and cost could not have been better. Wiley was a pleasure to work with. He was professional, timely and knowledgeable. He was able to fit the work in earlier than anticipated and let me know in advance. The guys in the tree and on the ground did perfect work and cleanup. It was a very reasonable cost.

5.0 | 06/11/18
Review by Malcolm R. in Annandale, VA
Project: Remove trees
Prompt, properly equipped. Did the job right.

5.0 | 06/05/18
Review by Malachy M. in Falls Church, VA
Project: Trim trees
This is an outstanding company. Wiley worked on my property's trees two years ago & did an outstanding job. He did so again this time in explaining what he recommended & why. It is great to have him and his company back again. I had damaged & dead trees that were dangerous. He is a life saver, figuratively & literally.

5.0 | 05/29/18
Review by Margo G. from Springfield, VA
Project: Tree removal from townhouse back patio
Green Vista was very professional. Wiley came out to do the original assessment and estimate and then was in touch with me proactively afterwards to schedule. The day of the tree removal, they were a little behind schedule due to an emergency large tree removal in Arlington, but Wiley called twice to update me on their schedule and timing. When they came out I was completely impressed that the crew finished in 1.5 hours. They efficiently removed the large branches from the tree, and carefully lowered them to the ground, disposing of them in their truck/shredder machine. (apparently you are not supposed to use maple wood for fireplaces) They cut the tree trunk down to the stump and then cleaned up the area afterwards. These people are true professionals with a lot of experience. Within the tight confines of a townhouse with multiple ones on either side, I wanted a professional that would get the tree removed with no impact to my neighbor’s properties and no other headaches. That is exactly what I got and was very happy.

5.0 | 05/25/18
Review by Graydon V. from Falls Church, VA
Project: Removed two large trees and did a major cut-back on a third
Green Vista did a very nice job. The estimator was knowledgeable and provided multiple alternatives. The work crew was professional, showed up on time, and left the yard quite clean. We would definitely use Green Vista again.

5.0 | 05/07/18
Review by Brian N. from Mc Lean, VA
Project: They cut down a large maple in my front yard
They were fast and efficient coming out to give me a quote (got it the same day as the visit) and the work was excellent. Couldn’t be happier. They also did the stump grinding.

5.0   |  05-04-2018
Review by Nicole W. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Great work.

5.0 | 05/03/18
Review by Marina U. from Reston, VA
Project: Removed one large and one small tree and trimmed another tree
Excellent work. The communication with the company was outstanding. We changed the scope of work a couple of times, and the company was great at accommodating and working with us. The service itself was excellent - very professional job and clean up. Would definitely recommend the company and would hire them again.

5.0   |  05-03-2018
Review by Cortney H. in Annandale, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Very knowledgeable and honest assessment. Performed service quickly and professionally.

5.0 | 05/03/18
Review by Olivia D. from Alexandria, VA
Project: A huge 16,000 pound red oak fell during the March 2, 2018 East Coast “Bomb Cyclone” windstorm destroying my rear yard deck and fences. We needed the tree removal effort coordinated with the insurance company and utility company.
Wiley Holland was the most professional, caring, honest representative you could ever hope to meet. We had multiple bids, but Wiley wrote a fair and complete quote so the insurance company could understand the complexity and magnitude of the problem. He had extensive experience dealing with insurance company requirements and met the challenge. State Farm accepted his bid over others without any questions, even cutting a check in full as soon as the claims adjuster saw the tree down and read that quote. Through a late Spring snow storm and while heavy rains impeded a start date, Wiley stayed in communication with us, explaining everything about the process and coordinating with the utility company. He even graciously handled the very upset neighbors to gain access through that yard. He is a true gentleman and consummate professional. The work started as soon as the weather abated, efficiently and with the least amount of disruption to existing landscaping. They are so responsive that they came back at no charge after completing the tree removal and being paid in full to cut another stump found under the destroyed deck. That stump was too high and impeded construction due to new building codes. I am grateful for all the care and attention during a difficult time. Green Vista is the company you want to work with.

5.0   |  04-27-2018
Review by Don L. in Woodbridge, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Showed up when they said they would , did a great job and cleaned up before they left . The estimate was accurate even to the time required and Marvin and the crew were excellent.
5.0   |  04-18-2018
Review by Jim P. in Vienna, VA
Project: Trim Trees

5.0 | 03/30/18
Review by Stephen T. from Centreville, VA
Project: Maximum trim on four mature big trees
Excellent. Very professional from estimate to finish. Would hire again. More trees to be cut down by the fall.

5.0 | 03/21/18
Review by Dan S. from Burke, VA
Project: Tree Removal
Green Vista was great. They responded right away to the request for a quote and were able to stop by on a Saturday. They offered the best quote and were professional from start to finish. The chainsaw handle broke while working high in the basket, and it took a chunk of siding on its way down. The manager called me while they were still on site, and explained that they would have a contractor out in the next week to assess repair/replacement for the siding, and they had it fixed within a few weeks. Manager was in touch throughout the process to make sure contractor was on task. They did an excellent job on the tree removal -- 40 ft tree within 5 ft of house.

4.5   |  03-07-2018
Review by Robert F. in Annandale, VA
Project: Trim Trees
They did a fine job and I'm happy with the work.
5.0   |  03-05-2018
Review by Hayley L. in Springfield, VA
Project: Remove Trees
Very professional service. They were on time and removed my trees without any issues. Green Vista was able to take care of it the same day even during the huge windstorm. THANK YOU.
5.0   |  02-05-2018
Review by Gabriela F. in Vienna, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Did leave dents in the lawn could have been a little more cautious.
4.5   |  02-02-2018
Review by Chad S. in Springfield, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Wiley made multiple trips out to evaluate my home. We were in a debacle to get the power company/VDOT to remove a tree that was hovering over the high voltage line and erupting the sidewalk in front of the home. Wiley had some great advice on how to contend with these entities as they did not want to remove the tree without some persistence.
4.0   |  02-01-2018
Review by Ronald M. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim Trees
5.0   |  01-05-2018
Review by Ross G. in Springfield, VA
Project: Trim Trees
We hired Green Vista to prune and trim a cherry tree and a crepe myrtle tree. The crew did a very good job being very professional about it from beginning to the end. Will not hesitate to ask for them again.

5.0 | 12/6/17
Review by Patrick P. from Herndon, VA
Project: Tree Service
They showed up on time and even were willing to work with the rather compressed timeframes I was dealing with the insurance company.

5.0 | 11/28/17
Review by Danielle M. from Falls Church, VA
Project: Tree Service
Very Well. We are happy with the work that was done and how clean the area was after completion.

4.0 | 11/26/17
Review by Rachel P. from Herndon, VA
Project: Trim back large bushes that were tree like
The actual service was great. However, it took quite a while to confirm an appointment after I accepted the proposal. I had to follow-up a couple times.

5.0   |  10-25-2017
Review by Michelle V. in Springfield, VA
Project: Trim Trees
We hired Green Vista to remove a large tree and trim and elevate several other trees. They also did the stump grinding on the tree that was removed. Wiley and the Green Vista crew did exactly what we asked. from the beginning by showing up on time for the free estimate appointment to the end of the project of cleaning up the yard. We would highly recommend Wiley and Green Vista to anyone looking for tree work....they gave the most reasonable estimate and had the skillful crew to carry out the job! They are rated number one for a reason!

5.0 | 10/25/17
Review by John V. from Springfield, VA
Project: Tree removal, stump grinding, tree trimming
Coordinated the job with Wiley Holland who is very knowledgeable and accommodating, and was always responsive to our questions by phone and email. The crew doing the tree removal and trimming were very professional and did outstanding work. Will definitely contact again for future projects. They are number one on Angie's List for a reason!

5.0 | 10/24/17
Review by Anne R. from Springfield, VA
Project: Diseased tree removal
Wiley came out promptly to do estimate, he knew his stuff, and gave a fair price. After getting estimates from 3 companies, I ultimately decided to go with Green Vista rather than the tree service I had used previously. This was because Wiley threw in taking down a very skinny, branchless dead tree next to the large tree for the price of the large tree...
...All went well on the scheduled work day. Wiley came over before job to walk through it with the crew chief so he would know exactly what to do. They worked steadily while they were here and I could see they were cautious to ensure that none of the large branch pieces came down and hit my deck. They cut up all the usable branches and trunk into large pieces and stacked neatly at the bottom of the yard. They hauled away all the foliage and smaller branches and took care to clean up my backyard and my deck when they were done.

5.0   |  10-24-2017
Review by Sharon B. in Arlington, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Working with Wiley and Green Vista was an exceptional experience from beginning to end. They have the knowledge, skills and ability to get the job done! I would highly recommend Green Vista. They were head and shoulders above the other 5 companies who gave me an estimate.

5.0 | 10/23/17
Review by Scott C. from Alexandria, VA
Project: Tree Service
Excellent service and professional team with the right equipment.

5.0   |  10-22-2017
Review by Joanie F. in Herndon, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Great experience working with Wiley & Green Vista!! Very quick responding, clear estimates, & quality work!! Will definitely contact again for future projects!
5.0   |  10-19-2017
Review by Larry N. in Arlington, VA
Project: Remove Trees
Great experience. Coordinated the job with Dan Foster, who was proactive, accommodating and responsive to any questions about the project. They completed a tree removal within several days at a great price. Would highly recommend.

5.0 | 10-09-2017
Review by Brunilda H. from Alexandria, VA
Project: Tree Service
They did a great job. Fast, and clean.

5.0 | 10-07-2017
Review by Lauren G. from Lebanon, VA
Project: Tree Service
They are phenomenal. I did it all while deployed and had tenant in my house.

5.0 | 09-01-2017
Review by Meredith S. from Springfield, VA
Project: Tree Service
Very quick response time throughout the process. Very good communication
throughout as well. I definitely recommend. The price was very reasonable as

5.0 | 08-10-2017
Review by Donna M. from Mclean, VA
Project: Tree Service
Great job. Come out on time for the job scheduled quickly and work
performed. Much easier than I thought it would be.

5.0 | 08-07-2017
Review by Peiman M. from Vienna, VA
Project: Tree Service
The whole process, from providing an estimate to completing the work, was
done professionally, conscientiously, and at a great price.

5.0 | 08-04-2017
Review by Robin B. from Annandale, VA
Project: Removal of 5 trees on very short notice
I contacted Green Vista Tree Care on Angie's List. It was after hours but I still got a response and the tree consultant, Wiley Holland came by the next morning to meet me early before I left for work. He gave me a good price on removing the trees and got it done very promptly as I was having grading done on my yard the next week. Wiley was great to work with! The job got done promptly and the work done was perfect. The clean up was fabulous, They did not leave even a leaf behind! I will hire Green Vista Tree Care again in the fall for some trimming of my large oaks!

5.0 | 08-04-2017
Review by Arnold S. from Reston, VA
Project: Tree Service
We received excellent service from start to finish.  Wiley was very knowledgeable of what needed to be done with the large trees at my residence. Green Vista's technician executed every aspect of the trimming project.

5.0 | 08-03-2017
Review by Beverly A. in Vienna, VA
Project: Removal of 50 ft. double oak last year; elevating limbs this year.
I have a heavily treed lot. I have used Green Vista before they appeared on Angie's List. They removed a 50 foot double oak for me several years ago so I was pleased to have additional work done this year. I wouldn't even consider another tree service now. After the work was done, they blew the sawdust from the yard. As a Realtor, I am happy to recommend them to my clients because they are prompt, reliable, courteous and do a fantastic job. My neighbors now use them also.

5.0 | 08-02-2017
Review by Giuliana B. in Arlington, VA
Project: A large dead maple was removed and the stump was ground.
The work was completed quickly and with great care for the lawn and nearby driveway. Mr. Wiley was quick to provide a quote, did a good job of describing the equipment to be used and the process for contacting utilities before stump grinding, and he remained in touch with us about scheduling the work. We were very pleased with the professionalism of Green Vista Tree Care.

5.0 | 07-26-2017
Review by Thomas Y. in West Springfield, VA
Project: Removal of large dead tree limb in 100' poplar. Removal of limbs hanging over roof and driveway.
The crew did an outstanding job. They lowered all branches to the ground with ropes---no divits left in yard. They mulched all wood/branches and did a thorough clean-up job. The Green Vista trucks were immaculate and very professional. This is the first crew I've observed that wore safety harnesses and hard hats on the job. I highly recommend them and will definitely use them again!

5.0 | 07-19-2017
Review by Barbara W. in Burke, VA
Project: Dead tree removed and others trimmed
They did an excellent job of taking the big tree down. They bring enough workers to do all the various jobs. And did a great job of cleaning up afterword. I also liked that the workers all wore logo shirts and hard hats. Plus did not use cleats on trees that were trimmed.

5.0 | 07-12-2017
Review by Thomas B. in Springfield, VA
Project: Removing and/or trimming trees
They did it, and did a good job. They got it done in short order. It was very satisfactory. It was fast, and we were very satisfied. We had an estimate from another company before hand, and they beat the other company by $300. I was very happy with the price. I found them A plus all the way. Oh yes, I sure would use them again.

5.0 | 07-05-2017
Review by Al J. in Arlington, VA
Project: trimming tree
Team was topflight! Cleaned up as they progressed thru the job, very happy with their skill and work.

5.0 | 07-05-2017
Review by Pradeep K. in Herndon, VA
Project: Tree Service
Work was done very well and professionally. Quiet happy. There was a minor misunderstanding and one of the branches was not removed. However, they came back even though I already paid in full and removed it. That's honesty and need more businesses like this. Strongly recommended.

5.0 | 06-28-2017
Review by Kevin K. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Cut down tree, trimmed branches, ground stump
The job was done quickly and efficiently. They did good work at a reasonable price.

5.0 | 06-27-2017
Review by Christina A. in Fairfax, VA
Project: Removed approximately 20 trees, ground stumps
The price was great! They showed up on time and went right to work. It was actually pretty amazing to watch these pros do their thing. They were very helpful when I asked for a few additional trees be taken down; they quickly updated my pricing and removed the tree without hassle. They cleaned up any debris when it was done. Could not have been happier.

5.0 | 06-21-2017
Review by James B. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Tree Service
The estimate went smoothly and employee was very experienced and knowledgable. Work went as planned with no problems and mess cleaned up adequately.

5.0 | 05-29-2017
Review by John C. in Springfield, VA
Project: Tree Service
Super work. I was a little concerned that I couldn't be there for the estimate and the work, but Daniel and his team did their magic even though I wasn't present. Their estimates were also very competitive.

5.0 | 05-10-2017
Review by Norman R. in Burke, VA
Project: Removal of fallen tree and trimming and/or pruning of all other trees in front and back yard.
The consultant Mr. Wiley Holland was very professional and explains very well the work to be performed. The work team and its equipment arrived on time and the work was completed as stated. I very much appreciated that Wiley was present at the start of the work to explain to the work team what to do and also he returned at the end of the work to inspect the completed work.

5.0 | 05-08-2017
Review by Mary B. in Reston, VA
Project: Tree trimming and dead tree removal
Green Vista Tree Care did a superb job in performing tree work for us. From start to finish they provided exceptional customer service. Wiley Holland, the tree specialist assigned to our area, was terrific in suggesting a tree service plan for us. Most importantly, he proved to be a person who does what he says he is going to do, when he says he is going to do it. The service was performed in a prompt manner, with email and phone messages from Wiley informing us in advance of when the work would be performed and in accordance with our scheduling needs. Wiley's crew was equally professional, performing high quality work in a safe and efficient manner. It was clear that they were experts and had many years of training and experience in providing tree service. They were also very nice people and took great care in protecting our lawn, plants, deck, etc. There were no ruts, gouges or other damage to our property. Finally, the clean-up was so good that we hardly knew they had been there. In sum, the customer service, workmanship and professionalism of Green Vista Tree Care far exceeded our expectations. We plan to use them again for any future tree care needs.

5.0 | 04-20-2017
Review by Lillie M. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Tree Service
The company showed up when they said they would and were able to complete all the work the same day. They cleaned up after themselves so the yard looked better than before they started.

5.0 | 03-15-2017
Review by Beverly A. in Vienna, VA
Project: Tree Removal, Pruning
It was quite a job. They were prompt, neat, professional and cleaned up all the wood chips, etc. You would never know they had been here. I highly recommend them. They were more reasonable than four other tree services I had estimate on the job. Neighbors and my clients have also used them and they have been happy with their work. I just purchased an Angie's List deal and they will be doing the work on my trees and several of my relatives. They just finished trimming a tree for my daughter and pruning her Crepe Myrtle. You won't be sorry if you choose Green Vista.

5.0 | 03-13-2017
Review by Susan S. in Mclean, VA
Project: Tree Service
Excellent! Definitely recommend Green Vista for a job well done!

5.0 | 12-21-2016
Review by K.K. in Vienna, VA
Project: Tree Removal
I've used Green Vista on two occasions. In both cases, the company was very professional, prompt and courteous. On the first, we were doing a non-emergency removal of a dead tree in our yard. They came out on a Saturday and gave us an estimate on the spot that was half of what the traveling "hey....we've got a crew in the area....want us to remove that tree for you?" guys. They came out on a morning and within three hours, the tree was gone. We didn't feel the need to do a stump removal, but you could barely tell where the tree had been from the street. The second time, we had a tree go down during a freak windstorm. The tree didn't fall on any structures, but we left a message on a Sunday evening and by 8:30 a.m. on a Monday morning, they had given us a call, came out to look at it later that same day, gave us a reasonable estimate, and removed the fallen tree and removed two others. The only thing left was sawdust. Highly recommend this crew. They are terrific.

5.0 | 12-16-2016
Review by Shawn R. in Falls Church, VA
Project: Yard debris removal and the cutting down and removal of threes trees.
Green Vista Tree Care did such an amazing job. They were on time and worked rapidly in a professional, organized and efficient manner. They cut down a large tree and two smaller ones in just one day. Even better was they cleaned up after they finished the job. While doing so swept off a stone pad I had making it look better than what it was prior to their arrivals. The owner, Dan, is very polite, professional and extremely knowledgeable about his field. I received quotes from several other companies and sadly was given outrageous estimates and completion time frame. Dan was able to give me an estimate and time frame and kept to it. I can't recommend these guys enough and would gladly use them again for any other projects I have in the future. Trust me you will not be disappointed.

5.0 | 11-04-2016
Review by James B. in Burke, VA
Project: Seven small trees removed down to stumps, one larger tree removed and stump grounded, branches trimmed.
Excellent. Dan came out to give an estimate, very conservative, didn't push anything I didn't ask for, conservative in his approach to tree trimming. Very fairly priced. Had work done 2 days after estimate. Was honest in telling me crew would do work when other scheduled work was being done in the area. Stump ground by another of his crews 2 days later. Would hire again.

4.9 | 09-28-2016
Review by Natalie F. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Tree Stump Removal
Quick and good work. The equipment used was heavy duty and the tree stump was demolished in about 10 seconds. Happened so fast I didn't even see it. Also the fastest $150 too...the entire job was complete from equipment unload to reload and departure in less than 10 minutes. And note that they leave the debris behind in a pile for you to dispose of. But if you have stumps, Green Vista will definitely get rid of them!

5.0 | 09-16-2016
Review by Al F. in Vienna, VA
Project: Tree removal and haul-away
Work was done well and Green Vista was at my property very soon after the contract was signed. I dealt with Wiley who was knowledgeable, friendly and spent time discussing my property, providing options and looking at several tree concerns unrelated to the immediate project. I would certainly use Green Vista again. Communication was rapid and I felt comfortable with how they do business.

5.0 | 08-17-2016
Review by Rob K. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Drainage, landscaping
Wiley & his crew are AWESOME! On top of a bunch of tree work they've one for me in the past, these guys pulled off a huge job for me this month and completely handled a major yard drainage issue I inherited when I bought my new house. I could go on all day about how great they are and not even get into details of the work, so I'll try to summarize: I have three underground springs and a shallow well in my new yard. All that water underground makes for a soggy basement! Poor draining and some unwise choices by previous owners & contractors left most of my 1/2-acre yard a boggy mess. Wiley came out and worked with me on an initial plan. Which we scrapped after I spoke with a neighbor about a similar issue he'd faced. Wiley rolled with that punch and came up with a new plan. Which we scrapped again on the day of the project. At every obstacle Wiley and his crew were able to adapt & overcome, and thank goodness for that! He could've easily said "no way, you're on your own" but he changed the plan to suit the situation. The result: I have a dry basement, a healthy foundation for my yard, and a beautiful new landscape feature in front of my home. I'll gladly hire these guys to help with my yard again, and for any and all landscaping, drainage, and of course tree care needs I have in the future. The value is excellent for the work performed. You can't even tell where they dug trenches to put in pipes - that's how careful these guys were. If I didn't know they were coming I'd have had a hard time telling they'd been by. Wiley and Dan are honest, reliable, and trustworthy. They will not steer you wrong nor try to sell you something you don't need, and they stand by their work. They won't leave you hanging or unhappy. You can believe what they tell you and hire them with confidence. That's rare to find these days. I can't say enough good things about them. And if you do hire these guys to trim any big trees - try to be home to watch! It's ASTOUNDING how their crews go up to cut the large branches (I was home both times they cleaned trees for me, once after a storm and once to keep some HUGE oaks healthy). Wiley knows a LOT about trees, landscaping, drainage, heck, everything. Tell him what you want or what you're facing and stand back. You'll be happy.

5.0 | 07-21-2016
Review by Jim L. in Arlington, VA
Project: Tree Service
They did a great job. They did exactly what I requested. Once they arrived, they were done in an hour and cleaned the yard.

5.0 | 06-02-2016
Review by Cara L. in Chantilly, VA
Project: Green Vista Tree Care trimmed several very large trees, removed three bushes/trees, weeded and mulched an overgrown area, and trimmed hedges.
Wiley came out and provided a quote the same day I contacted him. He was on time, professional, and provided detailed recommendations. He and his crew came out the following week and completed the necessary work. The work was completed without my having to be home - I simply left a check, came home and the work was done. My yard looks amazing! Even my children noticed the difference with the trees trimmed back and the overgrown bushes/tress removed. I recommended the company to my neighbor (who hired them) and to my best friend.

5.0 | 05-25-2016
Review by David B. in Arlington, VA
Project: Removed tree, cut down large limbs from other trees, weeded flower beds, edged flower beds, removed dead plants, Took out 2 juniper and 2 holly trees, replanted encore azalea. Pruned and trimmed all plants.
They trimmed all our shrubs, plants and trees in front and backyard. Cleaned up all the dead in the trees and other plants. Edged our many many plant/flower beds, created 2 beds. Weeded all the beds and removed a lot of ivy. Removed 1 tree, cut down 2 large branches, pulled out 2 juniper and 2 dead holly trees. Planted a couple plants to replace the holly trees. And then they finished it all off by spreading mulch in all our beds and then cleaning up after themselves. Wiley was very responsive and arrived on time along with his crew. Walked through the property with me twice to make sure everything looked good. What really made me happy is he did not try to get me to do more than had to be done and did not say we had to have regular maintenance, but instead gave tips to maintain what they did today. I will definitely be using them again next year!

5.0 | 05-20-2016
Review by Darla C. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Debris removal, pruning, taking down of smaller damaged trees.
Green Vista Tree Care does great timely work and is affordable. I'll only use them in the years ahead. They're licensed and insured. During a storm, a big limb had cracked from a large tree in my backyard. It crushed a small section of my fence and landed in my neighbor's backyard. It took off two high branches on one of their trees and beat up one of their little trees. Thankfully, we're good neighbors and I immediately moved to fix things. 2 days ago, I called a tree service that I had used in the past and it promptly visited and promised an estimate. Since there was no estimate by 2:00p yesterday, I called Green Vista (spoke with Wiley Holland) on a neighbor's recommendation. Wiley promptly visited and gave an estimate before leaving. Today at 9:45a, his 3-person team finished the debris removal and had pruned my neighbor's trees. Wiley is a knowledgeable and friendly arborist. He gets to the point, exudes competence, and has no hard luck stories. He's the person we all want to do business with and Green Vista is the tree service you want.

5.0 | 04-30-2016
Review by Jessica A. in Annandale, VA
Project: Fully weeded, cut new edges on flower beds, trimmed tree suckers, removed a dying small tree, spread 7 cubic yards of hardwood shredded mulch.
Fantastic! This is my second experience with Green Tree Vista. The first time, Angie's List connected me with them after another landscaper had failed to fulfill their big deal. They were quick, responsive and thorough. This time I purchased an Angie's List offer for 2 hrs of cleanup and 3 yards of mulch spread. Wiley was super responsive, came over to walk the property with me prior to the work and we discussed the add ones I wanted beyond the big deal, and then came by the morning of the work to walk the property with me and his foreman Pablo. They were awesome, the crew worked quickly, were very thorough on prepping the areas for mulch, got all the old leaves out from under the bushes, hauled away everything, and cleaned up everything. During the work, Pablo double checked with me on one thing just to be sure they got it right. Couldn't be more pleased with their work, responsiveness, and thoroughness. I will definitely hire them again. The price is the combo of the Angie's List offer and the added work I had them do. Even without the offer discount I would hire them again.

5.0 | 03-16-2016
Review by Nikki R. in Springfield, VA
Project: Green Vista pruned two small Japanese maple trees at our townhouse.
Called Green Vista for estimate and Wiley came out the very next morning. Even though this was a very small job by tree service standards, he thoroughly described exactly how his team would trim and shape our two trees. He understood our concerns about disturbing the neighbors in our townhouse community, and patiently explained how his team would handle parking and debris disposal. Green Vista's $300 minimum was actually slightly higher than the other two estimates we got, but we were so impressed with Wiley's presentation that there was no real contest. Again because this was a small job, Green Vista needed to work us into their schedule of more extensive projects, but they had a team at our house within three days, and Wiley was there the entire time to personally supervise their work. The team did a painstakingly beautiful job of shaping our trees, literally branch by branch, without leaving so much as a twig on the ground after they left. We couldn't have been more satisfied.

5.0 | 03-14-2016
Review by Stephanie W. in Burke, VA
Project: Spring cleaning of entire yard, and spread mulch in extensive garden areas throughout.
I called this company after searching Angie's List and the call went to voicemail. I decided to call back a little later in the morning, rather than leave a message, but about 10 minutes later, I received a call back, saying they had missed my call (gotta love caller ID!). I explained what I needed, and he immediately said he would have his consultant, Wiley, give me a call. Sure enough, Wiley called a short time later and said he could actually come out later the same day for an estimate. We missed each other by a very short time, but he left the written estimate in my door. I called him and told him I'd like to schedule. He indicated it might be the following week, but since they were just starting to get busy for the season, he would look at the schedule and call me the day before. Lo and behold, he ended up calling about a day or so later and said they could come the following day, and gave me a window of time. Sure enough, right on time, Wiley and five guys showed up with a big truck of mulch. I visited very shortly with Wiley, who introduced me to his foreman, and they got right to work. Wiley left (as he said he would) when the work started, but Macho knocked on the door when they were finished. They did a fantastic job and saved my husband and I an entire weekend of labor. This was the easiest job I have EVER scheduled - start to finish, from my first call, I think this was about four days. As Wiley said when he left, "A pleasure doing business with you." I couldn't agree more.

5.0 | 01-14-2016
Review by Aviv B. in Annandale, VA
Project: Removed a few large trees and trimmed a lot of growth all around my home.
Excellent experience overall. The work was performed professionally, neatly, and in good time. My property was left clean. I can't say enough about the treatment we received. I look forward to having Green Vista back for more tree removal and landscaping in the future.

5.0 | 11-25-2015
Review by David S. in Fairfax, VA
Project: Thinned, pruned and or cut back 18 trees ranging from medium to large.  Cleared out undergrowth where appropriate.
I contacted five providers through Angie's List for estimates to carry out tree work on my property.  The yard borders on forest and we have a large number of trees that required work.  Four companies responded and provided estimates.  All were very professional in their interactions with us. Green Vista, however, stood out as exceptional among a very high quality group of businesses. They responded immediately to my inquiry and scheduled an appointment to look at the property two days later. 'Wiley' came to the property on time, looked at each tree and made recommendations on the spot. It was clear he is not only knowledgeable but genuinely cares about the health of the trees he works on. He made a number of recommendations not intuitive to me that improved the appearance of the work and I believe positively impacted the health of several trees. His estimate was professional and very competitive among the estimates. On the day for the work, Wiley and a large crew arrived exactly on time and with the requisite equipment. Wiley went over the work with us, tree by tree, one additional time to ensure we were all in agreement on the work to be done. His crew was professional and courteous and they work very hard! The work was completed in less than one full day and the results exceeded our expectations. I'm guessing the last substantial tree work on my property was more than 20 years ago and there were a large number of cut limbs, some as large as medium sized trees. When fully complete, the cleanup left the yard immaculate. The only way to tell that Green Vista was ever here - is the trees look different. Wiley also indicated he would return in the spring to get a look at the work after the foliage returns. In summary, I don't believe we could have done better with either quality of the work or price and I highly recommend Green Vista for consideration if the reader is planning tree work on your property.

5.0 | 11-13-2015
Review by Stephen H. in Falls Church, VA
Project: He took down a large maple in my front yard and took down the remainder of a locust tree in my back yard.
I have had other tree crews at my house and let me tell you, this group flies!  They took down two large trees in a matter of hours. Their workers were skilled and using the proper safety gear.
To be fair, I am still waiting on the stump to be ground out, but they are going to miss utility my yard before they do the grinding. It is rare to see someone do that as well. They are professional , fast, and good. They are my new go-to tree company.

5.0 | 10-31-2015
Review by Eileen C. in Arlington, VA
Project: Pruning, shrub and tree removal, general cleanup and mulching of beds.
We are very pleased with the work done by [Green] Vista Tree Service. Some of the shrubs in our front yard are extremely old and needed to be cut back and thinned out. Wiley and his 3 man crew worked with me to understand what I wanted done, and were very responsive to my requests. Included in this job was large scale pruning of a holly that had grown above the one-story roof line, and thinning a tall crepe myrtle, removing, shaping or thinning the older azaleas in front beds; in the back yard many small shrubs and "volunteers" were removed as well as a large dead photinia.  Two sickly dogwood were removed from the side yard.  They mowed the front yard and mulched the beds in front.
All in all, in 4 hours, they did quite a lot of work that I either was unequipped to tackle or would have taken me weeks to complete.
I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.  And in fact, I'm planning to have them back again to do some serious pruning of several tulip poplars which have large dead branches.

5.0 | 10-09-2015
Review by Karen N. in Vienna, VA
Project: Tree Service
Immediate response to inquiry. Estimate w/in a day or so. Worked w/me to coordinate the schedule with my work. The crew worked all day long. Listened to any areas of my interest to cut back/shape a bit more. Excellent clean up job!

4.9 | 10-07-2015
Review by Rachel M. in Arlington, VA
Project: Green Vista Tree Care came out and inspected two 50+ year old maple trees in our back yard that we were concerned with. They recommended trimming some large branches on one, removing areas that were hollowed out and threatening a neighbor's roof. They recommended minor trimming on the other tree.
The work was performed while we were at work. The workers removed debris and it looked completely clean when we got home. We were glad to get it done before a big storm with high winds blew through a week later. No limbs fell after that storm due to their careful trimming.

5.0 | 10-06-2015
Review by Katherine H. in Vienna, VA
Project: Tree trimming
This was a job that was absolutely superb from start to finish. Dan was right on time with his scheduled estimate, and very knowledgeable about our trees. He recommended some work that we had not originally considered that turned out to be well-advised. His estimate was reasonable.
The crew of six (plus one) appeared exactly on time on the appointed day, and performed the work in a very professional manner. They were courteous and diligent in their work. They kept us informed as the work progressed, made suggestions for additional limb cutting, and made every effort to make sure that we were satisfied. Not only did they suggest some additional limb cutting (at no extra charge), they also cut some other tree limbs that were not in our contract. They cleared and cleaned the yard in a superb manner.
My original concerns about possible damage to the house were totally unfounded. Their guys are pros. We intend to use them again and will recommend them to our friends. This was a rare experience with a contractor that could not be improved upon. Use Green Vista Tree Care!!!

5.0 | 09-28-2015
Review by Jeffery C. in Annandale, VA
Project: A lot of general weeding and cleaning up of the planting areas of our yard including mulching and some light tree limb removal.
Green Vista came out very soon after we called, gave us a very detailed estimate and came back at a day/time of our choosing. They showed up when they said they would, they did everything they said would do and the work was just as we discussed. The guys that came out and did the work were professional and polite. We were very happy with the qhole experience. We have a half acre yard and five large areas that needed to be weeded and mulched. We also had several tree limbs that needed to be taken down. There were a lot of weeds. All the work was done in a day and it looked awesome.

5.0 | 08-31-2015
Review by Dianne S. in Springfield, VA
Project: Tree Service
Would use again. Used Angie's [List] coupon and had additional work done. Will use again based on cost and the efficiency of the crew. Owner was professional and understood what needed to be done.

5.0 | 07-11-2015
Review by Maureen Q. in Falls Church, VA
Project: Cut back and removed branches on 6 large trees.
Came out quickly for the consultation, gave a good estimate and advice on what trees and branches to remove. Called ahead and let us know when they would be out (can't set a day based on summer rain!) About 4 guys came out and climbed right up the trees. They worked fast! The main guy checked with me constantly on what was being removed, if they should remove more or stop - which was greatly appreciated. I thought the price was excellent for the amount of branches removed and how high up they were. They cleaned everything up. I would certainly use them again.

5.0 | 07-06-2015
Review by Robert M. in Vienna, VA
Project: Tree Service
Outstanding service, excellent price.

5.0 | 06-30-2015
Review by Kevin K. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Cut down tree, ground stump, trimmed branches on a different tree that were overhanging my roof.
They cut down the tree and branches quickly and kept the mess to a minimum. They left the wood in a pile where I specified. They told me the stump would be ground down at a later date. They were back within a week to grind the stump while I was away at work. Overall, they gave me a great price and did excellent work!

5.0 | 06-24-15
Review by Ryan K. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Tree Service
They worked with me and helped me get the work done on a short time line which I am very thankful for. They did a great job. No complaints. Would definitely use them and would (and have) referred them to others.

5.0 | 06-19-2015
Review by William B. in Springfield, VA
Project: Remove Trees
Arrived on time, performed work and cleaned up job site. No issues. Great experience.

5.0| 05-14-2015
Review by Rob D. in Arlington, VA
Project: We had to cut back several of our trees on the property, including a tree that was encroaching on a neighbor's yard.
Super simple, super efficient, super happy. What else can I say? The guys came out and made it very easy to schedule - even coming over early, because they were in the aerea, which I really appreciated. They were able to cut back the trees fairly quickly, including several trunks of a large overgrown cherry tree which our neighbors had started expressing concerns over. I added a couple of "and another things..." changed orders, and they took it all in stride. I would use them again in the future in a heartbeat, no question. The price overall was not too bad - and the guys threw the trees into the chipper right then and there, and - the best part - did a fantastic job at cleanup. Highly recommended. Not only were they the first vendor to respond via Angie's list, they were the only one (of three) that I contacted that first day that both emailed and called to get in touch, and they were the first ones out to check the lot. They had finished before the other two vendors could even schedule. I liked that quite a bit as well.

5.0 | 04-30-2015
Review by Sarah D. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Very extensive pruning of one large tree and multiple smaller ones.
This is the first time I used this contractor and will definitely do so again. Dan responded within the hour by phone to my request for the estimate and he came the same day to do an onsite estimate. The work was performed the following week. The work was exactly what I wanted which was to prune things back so that I would not have to have the work repeated each year. My property was throughly cleared of all debris. I have not had exactly this work done before but in comparison to similar work I thought Green Vistas prices were very fair and reasonable.

5.0| 03-25-2015
Review by Jennifer P. in Fairfax Station, VA
Project: We had 5 large trees taken down on our property.
Danny was very punctual for our initial meeting. We went over all the details and he explained everything clearly. In addition to the 5 trees we requested, a few smaller trees were taken down as well. This was due to the required clearance needed; the target trees were huge. Danny told us this may happen during our meeting and we had given our sign-off to remove as necessary. The crew was very polite and did not leave any mess behind. Also, they were able to perform the work in one day where others had quoted it would be a 3 day job.  It's so great to have some sun in our yard finally! We will definitely reach out to Danny and his team again should we need trees removed in the future.

5.0 | 01-27-2015
Review by Nancy T. in Fairfax, VA
Project: Took down a very large, leaning oak in a small area penned in by fences.
They were all very pleasant, start to finish and were able to get into a very tight space and take down a large, leaning oak tree and not mess up our fence or yard. After the work, they cut up the remaining branches and trunk and also raked our yard to make sure to get up all of the bits of branch etc. Excellent company, would use again!

5.0 | 12-18-2014
Review by Mark S. in Fairfax, VA
Project: Tree pruning/trimming
I couldn't be there for the work, nor estimate. They made it easy to work with over the phone. The day of the work I showed up a couple hours later and they were there with a large crew working way. I was impressed at the large team they had onsite, and the efficiency with which they worked. Initially I was nervous that they had taken off too much from the top of the tree, but they called their manager and I spoke with him and he explained that what they are doing is normal and it will come in beautifully in the spring. He said not to worry that it looks too bare, and to trust him that it will beautiful. I was satisfied with this discussion, and look forward to it filling in nicely in the spring. It was becoming too large in front of my townhome, starting to block the stairs to the entrance, and encroaching on the neighbors driveway space. I would use them again.

5.0 | 10-26-2014
Review by Rebecca H. in Arlington, VA
Project: Removed 3 pine trees and pruned/thinned 3 large oak trees.
Daniel was fantastic. Called me same day I called and we scheduled time for a quote. Work was done just a few days later. Great price and really great job. Would highly recommend and will use them again!

5.0 | 09-01-2014
Review by Ileana V. in Arlington, VA
Project: Tree debris removal
Daniel contacted me soon after I requested an appointment. He arrived within a couple hours. He gave me an estimate and I agreed for work to be done. His team was out early the next day. The area was cleared and cleaned up. They did an awesome job. Very happy and would recommend to others.

5.0 | 08-15-2014
Review by Tabitha B. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Cut down a large maple tree, medium oak, and a small cherry tree. Ground down maple tree stump.
It was a good experience. I had quotes earlier in the year from other companies and had sat on them all summer. They ranged from $1000 (off the books) to over $6000. I found Green Vista via a recommendation from a neighbor on, and then saw that they had a good rating also on Angie's List. I emailed them on a Monday, coordinated for an estimate on Wed, and was able to get the work done on Friday.
They showed up on time, and had the first limbs down within 20 minutes of arrival. The crew seemed like a good team. I had them chip up and remove all of the limbs, and kept the larger pieces. I did not have them cut it up for firewood size (part of the logic was by avoiding this I would have more negotiating leverage). But I have chainsaws and friends so we'll take care of that later.
After everything was finished they cleaned up to my satisfaction. There are a lot of tree companies in this area, and it was refreshing to find this company.

5.0 | 07-10-2014
Review by Radford P. in Fairfax, VA
Project: Cut down one large tree that was leaning on another tree.
They were great. I called them on Monday and they were able to come out Wednesday to look at the tree. Being that the tree was dead and leaning on another tree, they rushed to do the job the next morning.   They came out promptly at 8:00am when they said they would and were very professional. They cut the tree down very low to the ground not leaving a high stump, which I very much appreciated. They also cut up another tree that had fallen over during the recent storms that are still continuing this week. I would definitely use them again.

5.0 | 07-08-2014
Review by Larry M. in Arlington, VA
Project: Trimmed trees and shrubs all around the house.
They just left. They did a wonderful job in trimming, advising and finding (and fixing) problems. They were prompt, professional and the work was done at a great price. They cleaned up everything and you would never know they were here, except the place looks so much better! I would definitely hire them again and highly recommend their service.

5.0 | 05-22-2014
Review by Jeanne M. in Arlington, VA
Project: Tree pruning
They did an excellent job. They were so good! I made the arrangements with Daniel and he had the crew come over. Barry was the manager of the crew. They were very friendly, yet business like. They really knew what they were doing. It was a Saturday morning, so most of the parking spaces were taken up at my town home complex, they had a hard time getting their truck in the right spot, but despite that trouble, they still did an excellent job! I was very satisfied.

5.0 | 05-05-2014
Review by Tarek K. in Fairfax, VA
Project: Remove Trees
Great work at a good price.

3.83 | 04-25-2014
Review by a homeowner in Falls Church, VA
Project: Remove Trees
Good price at good quality

4.67 | 04-25-2014
Review by a homeowner in Vienna, VA
Project: Haul Waste, Junk, Debris and Building Materials to the Dump
I thought the work well done, the service excellent and the value good.

5.0 | 04-11-2014
Review by Nancy H. in Great Falls, VA
Project: Fall / Spring Yard Clean Up
They work hard and are competent. Clean up after themselves.

5.0 | 04-10-2014
Review by a homeowner in Alexandria, VA
Project: Fall / Spring Yard Clean Up
Very professional and courteous. Great work was performed at a great price and quickly too. Will be hiring again in the future.

5.0 | 03-16-2014
Review by Par I. in Great Falls, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Pleasant, accommodating and well mannered crew. Worked very hard and reasonable pricing.

4.83 | 03-10-2014
Review by Marie T. in Arlington, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Daniel Foster arrived promptly for the estimate appointment, proactively followed through and offered a more competitive price. The crew worked well together, the job was efficiently done- from start through cleanup!.

4.83 | 01-15-2014
Review by a homeowner in Falls Church, VA
Project: Haul Waste, Junk, Debris and Building Materials to the Dump
Responded promptly to request. Very professional all around. Would use again.

4.83 | 12-04-2013
Review by a homeowner in Springfield, VA
Project: Haul Waste, Junk, Debris and Building Materials to the Dump
They came that day to remove my sofa. I also asked them to return and clean yard debris and gutters. They are amazing. I highly recommend. Customer service is second to none. They will be back in the Spring for more work.

5.0 | 12-03-2013
Review by David F. in Springfield, VA
Project: Trim or Remove Shrubs
Green Vista arrived when promised, did the work quickly and neatly. Very well done.

3.33 | 12-02-2013
Review by a homeowner in Alexandria, VA
Project: Remove Trees
Good job.

5.0 | 11-23-2013
Review by Ken F. in Springfield, VA
Project: Remove Trees
This was an incredible experience! I listed my job on Home Advisor and was called in under two hours. The same evening Dan came and looked at the job and gave me a quote. While at my house he saw some other problem trees in my yard and in the neighbor's yard and gave us a great price. The trees came down a couple days later and I could not even tell that they were here. They cleaned up everything and did a great job! I highly recommend Green Vista and would definitely use them again.

5.0 | 11-18-2013
Review by George P. in Takoma Park, MD
Project: Trim Trees
Quick response, reasonable price for a small tree trimming project.

5.0 | 11-15-2013
Review by Tj G. in Annandale, VA
Project: Trim Trees
This company was extremely prompt in communicating with me. Everything (from signing the proposal, putting me on their work schedule, and completing the work) was handled in an efficient manner. Their cleanup was also excellent. The quoted price was very fair, and they even did removed a bit more at no extra costs. I will definitely use them again and I highly recommend them.
5.0 | 11-15-2013
Review by Debra B. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Haul Waste, Junk, Debris and Building Materials to the Dump
I called in the morning and they provided excellent same day service at a reasonable price. My own yard company would not even look at it until the afternoon and couldn't promise when the work would be completed. I would highly recommend Green Vista. They are easy to work with and professional.

5.0 | 11-08-2013
Review by a homeowner in Alexandria, VA
Project: Remove Trees
They came out on time as schedule for estimate and price was right. They came the next day promptly and were very professional. I have future work for this company.

4.0 | 11-04-2013
Review by a homeowner in Fairfax, VA
Project: Haul Waste, Junk, Debris and Building Materials to the Dump
They came on time and completed the job in professional manner and their price is reasonable.

4.5 | 09-28-2013
Review by a homeowner in Vienna, VA
Project: Haul Waste, Junk, Debris and Building Materials to the Dump
Prompt response to my inquiry. Came out and gave an estimate and completed the work quickly as promised.

5.0 | 09-27-2013
Review by a homeowner in Lorton, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Immediate contact, very professional, and did a wonderful job. Highly recommend Green Vista. Thank you!

4.83 | 09-15-2013
Review by a homeowner in Arlington, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Good work and good customer service. They also took a more conservative approach to trimming than other contractors recommended, which was appreciated.

3.5 | 09-13-2013
Review by a homeowner in Arlington, VA
Project: Trim Trees
He was able to get his crew within an hour of hiring. They cleaned up the debris.

4.5 | 09-11-2013
Review by Michael W. in Fairfax, VA
Project: Trim or Remove Shrubs
No comment

5.0 | 09-01-2013
Review by Betty M. in Fairfax, VA
Project: Haul Waste, Junk, Debris and Building Materials to the Dump
They contacted me immediately after I placed my request on line. The job was done the very next day. Excellent work. I definitely recommend Green Vista.

5.0 | 08-30-2013
Review by a homeowner in Arlington, VA
Project: Fall / Spring Yard Clean Up
Fast and professional. Totally transformed my yard

4.83 | 08-30-2013
Review by Jess G. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Remove Trees
Work was done exceptionally. Contractor fee was higher than everybody else but worth it.

4.33 | 08-28-2013
Review by Ruth S. in Annandale, VA
Project: Trim or Remove Shrubs
I would recomend them

4.5 | 08-28-2013
Review by David W. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Haul Waste, Junk, Debris and Building Materials to the Dump
Ecellent very though great price

Review by Usha H. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim or Remove Shrubs
Very professional, courteous and did an excellent job. They were quick and prompt with the estimate and delivery of service and responses to queries.

Review by Casey Q. in Falls Church, VA
Project: Remove Trees
This is the second time I have used Green Vista and will continue to use them for all of my tree work. Very responsive and friendly customer service. Work was done within 1 day of signing the contract.

Review by J V. in Springfield, VA
Project: Trim Trees - For Business
No comment

Review by Milred O. in Springfield, VA
Project: Fall / Spring Yard Clean Up
I'm keeping their card. They did a good job. Clean up was very good too.

Review by Maria D. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim Trees
I was very impressed with the timeliness, professionalism and skills of the crew, and the customer service quality of the manager and the team. I expect to continue using their services in the future and highly recommend them.

Review by Amanda W. in Vienna, VA
Project: Trim Trees
We liked there work

Review by a homeowner in Springfield, VA
Project: Haul Waste, Junk, Debris and Building Materials to the Dump
Very reliable, project completed quickly. Cleanup less than perfect.

Review by a homeowner in Alexandria, VA
Project: Remove Trees
Quick and prompt service. I don't miss my tree at all!

Review by a homeowner in Springfield, VA
Project: Remove Trees
Great Job. Fast

Review by Ronald S. in Springfield, VA
Project: Trim Trees

Review by a homeowner in Falls Church, VA
Project: Trim Trees - For Business
Had trees over 120' tall with no truck access to back yard. Crew did a great job bringing trees down safely.

Review by a homeowner in Annandale, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Will call them again. Fast service, good price.

Review by a homeowner in Fairfax, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Wonderful tree service and I would recommend.

Review by Gwen L. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Remove Trees
The work was completed promptly, cleanly and with low price. The only thing short of satisfaction was the quality of job completed. The job scope was to cut down two small - medium trees leveled to the ground. Both trees were cut with the stumps as high as half to one foot above the ground. When I called to complain about this. First the manager (who gave quote) said he would drop by to take a look and then he called saying there was metal in the tree trunk and they could not cut any lower. Later on I had to ask another contract to cut then lower for us. No metal pieces was found inside.

Review by Eliza J. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Great communication and customer service. Easy to work with and fair priced.

Review by Carol B. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Remove Trees
Wonderful to work with in an emergency.......... my husband was in the process of driving 600 miles to take care of it, when we connected with this great group! Their services were wonderful, the prices great and they kept their commitments and our goals. we recommend to anyone!

Review by a homeowner in Annandale, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Great job!!

Review by Marisol A. in Arlington, VA
Project: Trim or Remove Shrubs
Punctual, affordable and helpful (offered suggestions).

Review by Connie I. in Chantilly, VA
Project: Remove Trees
Daniel was prompt in returning my call and came out to give me an estimate the same day I made the request online. He worked with me to come in at a good price and within 2 days had his crew out to do the work. They were very friendly, hard working and did a great job. We wanted to save the wood so they cut it up for us into 16" pieces, and even went out of their way to stack the wood under our deck where we wanted to keep it (I had said they could leave it by the swing set in the yard where the tree was). I would recommend this group to anyone else needing a tree removed!.

Review by Susan R. in Arlington, VA
Project: Trim Trees
This company came to my property the same day I called to give me an estimate on my tree trimming project. It was only one tree, so he gave me a price and then we negotiated a better price for him to do the work the same day. He was unable to return that day, but we rescheduled for the next afternoon. The gentleman I spoke with was very courteous and kept in touch with me to let me know when they would be coming. They arrived on time and did exactly what we agreed on. Very professional and good value for money.

Review by Julie P. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim or Remove Shrubs
They did a great job!

Review by Abby and larry R. in Annandale, VA
Project: Remove a Tree Stump.

Review by John R. in Springfield, VA
Project: Remove Trees
Estimator did a great job working with us. Cutting crew bent over backwards in moving
the firewood that resulted. Grinding the stump was complicated by a sub-contractor.

Review by Michael J. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim or Remove Shrubs
Green Vista did an excellent job. We were very pleased with the results. They are so
busy that we had to wait a few weeks to get on the schedule, but definitely worth
the wait. They did weeding, added mulch, trimmed the shrubs & trees. Very professional,
hard working and did an great job. We will be calling them again next year.

Review by Usama K. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Remove Trees
They were a bit late in scheduling the work, 2 weeks from the time I accepted their
bid, but once they came to work, they finished it on time and to my total satisfaction.

Review by Linda N. in Washington, DC
Project: Remove Trees
Very professional and polite. Quick response and did a good job for reasonable rate.

Review by a homeowner in Alexandria, VA
Project: Remove Trees
Efficient, clean, and did good work. They tried to change the price but negotiated to
what they said originally.

Review by Dana P. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Remove Trees
Mr. Daniel Foster and his crew were all very nice and friendly. They worked very
efficiently and did their job very well. I was very pleased with them.

Review by a homeowner in Springfield, VA
Project: Remove Trees
Quick response to my request. Provided quote and beat the rest of the pros. Great job
removing tree debris.
Response by : Thank you for your review! We appreciate your business. Green Vista

Review by Jude K. in Falls Church, VA
Project: Trim Trees
They responded to my request quickly, and the work was performed neatly. Would
recommended them again.

Review by a homeowner in Springfield, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Price was very good and they didn't try to push unnecessary service on us.

Review by a homeowner in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim Trees
They were fast to provide a competitive estimate and fast to schedule the job. They
arrived on time and cleaned after them when finished.

Review by Jim P. in Vienna, VA
Project: Remove Trees
Great job. Timely, neat. They removed a large, full tree directly in front of my house
(very close) withoutdamaging the house or other shrubs (I don't see how they did that!).
They also spread the mulch from teh stump grinding tolook natural in the bedding -
unheard of from my many previous experiences with tree companies. Based on my
experience I would hire them again and recommend them to friends.

Review by Tasha Z. in Arlin
Review by David t. P. in Springfield, VA
Project: Remove Trees
Very courteous, did what had to be done, and left my yard free of debris.

Review by Ivette M. in Arlington, VA
Project: Remove Trees
They were polite, professional,did more than expected, did a great job.

Review by Stephen M. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim Trees
work was done quick, whole crew was respectful and got the job done at the quoted

Review by John C. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Remove Trees
This job was handled very professionally, and I am totally satisfied with the work. I
would highly recommend the company to anyone

Review by Jack P. in Arlington, VA
Project: Remove Trees
This company is squared away! I had a large tree removed from my front yard that
was close to my home. The work was timely, and the job was performed with precision.
Professionalism and accuracy describe the overall performance. I highly recommend this
company for tree removal. Thanks Dan!

Review by Larry R. in Oakton, VA
Project: Remove Trees
No other comments

Review by Mangmang C. in Falls Church, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Pretty good. Work was done very nicely and fast. I appreciate their hard work.

Review by Brian & kim W. in Burke, VA
Project: Remove Trees
Daniel (the owner) was prompt in calling us re: our inquiry. We'd had one quote from a
larger company which was pretty low. Daniel came way down on his normal fee
(for tree removal) to beat the competition's price. His team (led by "Niko") came that
same week and did a stellar job. They were professional and very polite. No complaints
at all. 🙂 Would hire again.

Review by James Y. in Arlington, VA
Project: Trim or Remove Shrubs
Small job removing one shrub. On time and on budget.

Review by Vladimir B. in Springfield, VA
Project: Remove Trees
Came in time, did a very good job, cleaned everything after work. Will definitely use
them again

Review by a homeowner in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Did great job trimming, removing a tree, and some pruning.

Review by Beatrice E. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim Trees
excellent job by company

Review by a customer in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Green Vista did a fantastic job. They were on time, precise and neat.

Review by Phil V. in Burke, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Green Vista's owner, Daniel, responded within a day to my request for an onsite
estimate for elevation/trimming of 3 large trees in our yard. His estimate was significantly
less than others I had received. I liked his mannerisms and apparent tree trimming
knowledge. He able to schedule the job within 4 days of my signing the contract. His
expert tree climber used NO spikes to climb the trees, yet was quickly able to ascend
the trees and complete the job in 3 trees within 1 hour. Simultaneously the 3 other
team members cut up the limbs and raked the debris for haul away in their truck. An
excellent job!

Review by John D. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Remove Trees
The job was finished on time as scheduled. Some lawn damage that I must repair.
90% satisfied with stump grinding. but one fairly large root is left that I must remove.
Very good price for the job and it was done on time. No follow up after the job was

Review by a customer in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim Trees
They were nice in that they were willing to work with me on the price. They seemed
unprepared upon arrival and I didn't feel like they were very safe with the tree trimming.

Review by Michelle M. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim Trees
He came out for an estimate the next day and the job was done within the week. They
cleaned up well and didn't leave any debris. Fair price too! I would use them again
or recommend them to someone else.

Review by Lydia B. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Great job. I am very satiesfied with their work.

Review by a customer in Falls Church, VA
Project: Trim Trees
There was some miscommunication about which tree stump I wanted to have grinded
but once we cleared it up, we came to a mutual agreement about an additional fee to
do the right one. Make sure you are explicit and present when the work is done to
avoid any confusion.

Review by Alan R. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Green Vista responded to our request for proposal within a couple of hours. They were
very professional in giving the estimate, and did the work quickly and carefully. Would
highly recommend Green Vista.

Review by Van H. in Springfield, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Work was done very well and on time. Probably a bit pricey but I paid it.

Review by Chris A. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Very helpful, prompt and polite.

Review by Raymond B. in Fairfax, VA
Project: Trim Trees
they responded quickly and did the work however the quality of the work was not as
good as I had expected (in the process of removing the dead branch they killed
another branch (smaller and left it hanging in the tree)

Review by Kim H. in Arlington, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Dan and his crew did an absolutely fabulous job!!!!!! I have already set up other jobs
for him to do and recommended him to our home owners association for tree work
that needs to be done in our community. Look no further than Green Vista for a tree
trimming company, they are worth every penny.

Review by Rudy G. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Excellent work-very trustworthy

Review by John R. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim Trees
I had them remove three trees; a cedar that was too close to the house, a large dead
oak, and a white pine on a slop that was leaning toward the house. They were the
last company I called and offered to meet or beat their competitors price. They
cleaned up after themselves and even entertained questions from my three curious

Review by Fred S. in Fairfax, VA
Project: Trim Trees
As soon as the crew got there, they checked in with me and got started right away.
The tree was down and everything picked up in about 1.5 hrs.

Review by Michelle R. in Springfield, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Very professional and friendly; did a great job pruning my large willow oak tree;
cleaned up after; reasonably priced; did the work within a day of calling.

Review by Barb T. in Arlington, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Fantastic company. Great communication, service and pricing. They scheduled me
quickly and did a great job.

Review by Jacqueline B. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim Trees
response time to remove branch of large tree hanging over neighbors house was
excellent; customer service excellent; price was okay given emergency and clean
up was okay too but had to warn them to cut large branch on my skinny yard before
carrying it up to my yard so they would not scratch new stained fence. Overall they
got the job done as I needed and before any major disasters. thank you.

Review by Corey C. in Burke, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Cleaned up after project and were on time. Would recommend!

Review by Dennis S. in Vienna, VA
Project: Trim Trees
After being stood up by another contractor, Green Vista stepped up and completed
the job in two days. The crew work very efficiently and cleaned up after the work
was done. I couldn't be happier with my selection of this contractor.

Review by Sally G. in Springfield, VA
Project: Fall / Spring Yard Clean Up
Were very pleasant, and very respectful. Did a great job!

Review by Jayme S. in Fairfax, VA
Project: Trim or Remove Shrubs
Got job done within 3 hours of request, great service.

Review by Margaret H. in Springfield, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Responded quickly and provided good work removing tree and leaves, etc. Did
extra work as requested. Would definitely use them again if needed.

Review by Victor F. in Springfield, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Great customer service, top quality work and outstanding value.

Review by Robert F. in Vienna, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Came on time, cleaned up and completed on time.

Review by Tom Y. in Falls Church, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Very quick response, competitive price and very willing to work with me.
Was willing to reduce price after I recieved a lower estimate. Good job.
Cleaned up nicely after themselves.

Review by Dwayne W. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim or Remove Shrubs
Excellent work for the most part. My one minor complaint is the stump
grinder operator came a couple of hours after the shrub was removed
and didn't fill in the hole from the stump or clean up all of the dirt that
was thrown on the patio.

Review by Elena U. in Alexandria, VA
Project: Trim Trees
First of all, they came to look at the project next day after I put a requst, no
annoying phone calls to schedule appointments for estimates, etc. - Dan Foster
just drove up, as he said he was going to leave his offer in the door - if no one were
home. Secondly - I had the same work done before. The work that with other
contractors took at least an hour, and a lot of noise, and left me with results that were
either under-done or over-done, but never satisfactory, these guys completed in
15 minutes - and PERFECT. Exactly what I wanted. For a very reasonable price, too.

Review by Colleen S. in Springfield, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Green vista was very fast and efficent in my tree removal

Review by a customer in Fairfax, VA
Project: Trim or Remove Shrubs
Job completed as agreed upon.

Review by Vernon M. in Fairfax, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Quoted $1,000 to cut down/up 2 trees. Did 1 tree and left a 4 foot stump.
Declined to cut the other "too hard to do" and charged me $700. I felt
Comment from Green Vista
customer failed to mention the tree was extremely rotten and dangerous
and leaning towards high voltage power lines. Green Vista recommended
to contact VA power.

Review by Mahesh P. in Falls Church, VA
Project: Trim Trees
Professional and very competitive in price

Review by Ted S. in Fairfax Station, VA
Project: Trim or Remove Shrubs
I was very pleased with the work. I had about 3000sq feet of brush, two trees and three
stumps removed along with mulch replaced throughout the cleared area. There was a
slight misunderstanding regarding some additional work I had expected, but for the price
and job they did I was very happy with the work.

Review by Henry F. in Burke, VA
Project: Trim Trees

Review by a Neighbor in Springfield, VA
Project: Trim or Remove Shrubs
good service!!


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