The Green Vista Tree Care crane balanced on a Northern Virginia property's lawn using Alturna mats to protect the grass.

Will Tree Removal Damage My Lawn?

If you’ve had any kind of tree, landscape, or construction work done on or near your property before, you know it can be both loud and messy.

When a tree falls, it can cause damage wherever it lands. Many trees can weigh hundreds of pounds, and the force of the falling tree adds to its destructive power.

During professional tree removal, steps should be taken to mitigate the damage that is done to your yard and property. In this article, we will go over ways that you can make sure your lawn, landscape, and property are damaged as little as possible when a tree is removed.

The Green Vista Tree Care crew removes a section of a tree using a crane that is balanced in a Northern Virginia driveway.

Does Tree Removal Damage Your Grass or Landscape?

In some cases, yes, tree removal can damage your property. Trees can damage your lawn when they fall or are damaged during storms, when they are removed using the wrong equipment, or when the ground is saturated from rainwater or melting snow.

Fallen or storm-damaged trees

Trees that have fallen, uprooted, split, or are damaged from storms or bad weather can often cause a lot of damage. They may fall on a building or fence, may upend a sidewalk or driveway, or can create divots, holes, or marks in your lawn.

While proper pruning and watering can prevent some storm damage, there is really no way to prevent all damage to your property due to weather-related causes.

Removal without the right equipment

If your tree is removed without the right equipment, there may be some damage to your property. Trees may be felled (cut near the base and allowed to fall in any direction), which can be dangerous and destructive.

Trees being felled or sections of a tree being removed may still be dropped to the ground, which can damage your lawn or other areas.

Removal during wet weather

While it would be great if the weather was always a comfortable temperature and sunny, that’s not the case. We have to deal with the weather and the elements, which means we are often not working in ideal circumstances.

If the ground is saturated from recent rains or from melting snow, your lawn may receive some damage. This is one of the instances where some damage is unavoidable, as the wet ground (and resulting mud) is easily moved or upturned from being walked on or driven over.

We make every possible step to minimize the damage, but in these cases, there is only so much that can be done.

The Green Vista crew removes the lower part of a tree using the grapple saw on a property in Northern Virginia.

What Can I Do to Prevent Damage to My Property During a Tree Removal?

The chances of damage to your property, lawn, and landscape during a tree removal are high. So what, if anything, can you do to prevent any issues?

Have the Tree Removed by Professionals, Don’t Attempt it Yourself

Attempting to remove a tree on your own means a high risk of not only damaging your property but injuring yourself.

When it is time for a tree on your property to be removed, contact a professional tree company that has the equipment, skills, and safety knowledge to keep your property intact and everyone involved injury-free.

Hire a Reputable Company

As you search for a tree care company to hire for your tree removal, check not only for positive reviews but also for certifications, insurance, and proper tree removal equipment.

If someone lacks the skills or experience in removing trees – especially trees that are large, in a difficult location, or damaged – you may end up with a poorly executed tree removal and damage to your yard or property.

Other Things You Can Do

  • Move outdoor furniture to a safe spot before your tree removal
  • Clear your yard to remove any hazards and to prevent the items from accidentally being harmed
  • Keep pets and people indoors the entire time
  • Realize that some damage may still occur due to weather, heavy trees, large equipment, and dangerous tools
  • Decide if you would like the tree stump to be ground by the stump grinder or if you would like to leave it as-is

A Green Vista tree climber is assisted by a crane during a tree removal in Northern Virginia.

Green Vista Protects Your Property in Multiple Ways

At Green Vista Tree Care, we have the equipment, knowledge, and experience to prevent damage to your property during a tree removal, including:

Tree Cranes

Use of tree cranes allows our crew to move large, heavy sections of a tree away from your lawn and property. It also makes it possible for us to get to many trees, even if they are in a difficult or hard-to-reach location.

Grapple Saw

Our state-of-the-art grapple saw is able to cut and move sections of a tree to remove it. Just like the crane, it enables the Green Vista crew to remove your tree without harming anything around the area. Because there is no tree climber needed when using a grapple saw, we can remove trees that are damaged, brittle, and decaying more easily.

The Green Vista tree-mek crane lifts a log from a tree removal over a house in Northern Virginia.

Alturna Mats

Many times, we need to use your property as a staging area for our equipment. Whether it’s a stabilized tree crane or smaller vehicles that help us transport sections of a tree, we try to disturb your lawn as little as possible.

Some companies put down sections of plywood to try to prevent their vehicles from leaving divots or holes in the lawn, but we use a more advanced piece of equipment called Alturna mats. These mats help redistribute the weight of the equipment and prevent some damage that may otherwise occur.

Clean-up Procedures

The Green Vista Tree Care crew will always do their best to clean up after a tree removal, ensuring that all of the debris is off of your property.

When we leave, the only evidence that we were there may be the remaining tree stump or the wood shavings left from the stump grinding.

Working Together as a Team

You can see a great example of the Green Vista Tree Care crew working together using our skills and equipment to quickly and safely remove a tree section by section in this social media video post.

The post describes how the tree branches are removed, and the ground crew loads them into the woodchipper using a mini skid. The Vermeer BC1800xl chipper can process up to 18-inch pieces of wood and turn them into wood chips.

Our spider lift is used to cut the sections of the tree lower to the ground, and we utilize our tree-mek grapple saw crane to move logs over the home and onto the driveway, preventing the heavy logs from dropping onto the lawn.

Finally, the grapple truck is strategically placed to load all the wood for removal from the property.

A safe and efficient production from start to finish, with minimal ground impact.

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