Don’t Plant These Trees on your Virginia Property

A row of bradford or callery pear trees with white spring blooms.

All trees provide a lot of benefits to us. But there are also trees that pose problems and could potentially be a threat to other trees on your property. Read this post to learn more about some of the invasive trees in Virginia that you should avoid planting on your property.

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Will Tree Removal Damage My Lawn?

The Green Vista Tree Care crane balanced on a Northern Virginia property's lawn using Alturna mats to protect the grass.

Tree removal damage to landscape or lawns is inevitable specially when done in a wrong way or by non professional people. Here’s what can be done to avoid damages and protect your property.

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How to Protect Your Trees From Summer Heat Stress

heat stress in trees

As summer temperatures rise, people start to wilt – and so do trees. In fact, trees can experience heat stress that not only makes them look bad, but also makes them more susceptible to insect and disease problems. Early identification and treatment of heat stress go a long way toward helping them recover. Here’s how to identify and treat heat stress in trees.

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