Best Fruit Trees to Grow in Northern Virginia

Apr 13, 2020
apples growing on an apple tree in Virginia

These delicious fruiting trees grow well in northern Virginia and are generally the easiest to care for. We cover the best varieties, growing conditions, care, and more.

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Beyond Mulch: 10 Ways to Use Wood Chips in Your Yard

Feb 17, 2020
light wood chips on the ground can be used for a variety of projects

Tree removal, pruning and stump grinding will leave a pile of wood chips. Here are 10 ideas for how to use them in your own yard rather than having them hauled away.

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Why & How to Water Trees in Winter (Yes, Even in Northern Virginia!)

Jan 23, 2020
water drops from an ice-covered branch

In winter, a dormant tree still needs water to maintain itself until spring. These FAQs answer all of your questions about why, when, and how to trees in winter.

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Winter Tree Care Tips for Northern Virginia

Dec 12, 2019
Snow on evergreens

Our top recommendations for winter tree care. What to do, how to do it, and what not to do to keep your trees healthy and safe through our northern Virginia winters (December through February).

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When Shouldn’t You Prune or Remove Trees Yourself?

Nov 14, 2019
why homeowners shouldn't prune header

Looking at that overgrown tree in your yard and thinking about pruning or removing parts of it yourself? Ask yourself these questions first to see whether DIY tree work is the best option.

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Falling Leaves in Autumn: What Should You Do With Them?

Oct 11, 2019
tree trunk with fall leaves ground

Each autumn, as deciduous trees start dropping leaves, are you left wondering what the heck to do with all those fallen leaves? Here are three options for dealing with fallen leaves on your northern Virginia property.

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5 Best Shrubs To Plant This Fall

Sep 18, 2019
shrubs plant this fall azalea

Many shrubs grow well in northern Virginia, but these are the 5 best shrubs to plant this fall. They’re beautiful, easy to grow & now’s the time to plant!

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Tree Roots Causing Problems? Find the Real Root of the Issue

Aug 11, 2019
tree roots lifting concrete sidewalk slabs

Problems caused by tree roots can be found in every neighborhood in northern Virginia. Roots invade sewer and water pipes, enter cracked foundations, lift sidewalks and crack paved areas, and spread above ground to trip you. Learn why it happens, how to fix the problem, and how to prevent it.

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How to Help Flooded or Waterlogged Trees Recover

Jul 18, 2019
flooded trees in standing water after a storm

After flooding, heavy rainfall, or even due to overwatering, trees can suffer from too much water. Essentially, waterlogged trees can drown. Learn to recognize the symptoms of excessive water damage, how to help your trees recover, and how to prevent it from happening again.

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Stump Grinding FAQs: What, Why & How

Jun 19, 2019
stump grinder removing a tree stump

After a tree has been removed, what happens to the remaining tree stump? Does it decompose? Should you remove it? Is stump grinding the best option? If so, how is that done? We answer all of those questions and more in these FAQs about stump removal and stump grinding.

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Benefits of Trees in your Northern Virginia Landscape

May 17, 2019
green tree in front of grey house

You’ll be surprised when you learn about all of the things that trees do to help us. There are so many benefits, in fact, that we’re still learning about all of the positive impacts they have on our lives. But scientists and arborists have learned a few, and we’ve described them for you in this article.

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Best Small Trees for Small Spaces in Northern Virginia

Apr 17, 2019
small trees for small spaces northern Virginia

One of the most common issues we see is the wrong tree planted in the wrong place. For smaller areas, you might want to consider a tree that will grow no taller than 30 feet. See our recommendations for the best small trees for Northern Virginia.

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