Plant The Right Tree In The Right Place

Jul 13, 2017
plant trees in the right place

I recently drove through a neighborhood where many of the homes had maples, dogwoods, mulberries or white pines in their yards. One even had an elm. The maples are slowly destroying the sidewalks, the dogwoods are damaging the siding of the nearby houses, the mulberries make a huge mess when the berries ripen, the elm…

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Best Spring-Flowering Trees For Northern Virginia

May 1, 2017
spring flowering trees for northern Virginia

We usually think of tulips and daffodils when we think of spring flowers. But some of the best blossoms of spring come from spring-flowering trees. Their emerging fragrance fills the air and falling petals dance in the wind like spring snow, blanketing the ground in color. These are the landscape trees that brighten the early…

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Why Hire a Certified Arborist?

Apr 16, 2017

Simply put, Certified Arborists save you time and money.  Healthy well-maintained trees are one of the most important elements of any landscape. Mature shade or evergreen trees beautify the neighborhood and provide shelter for wildlife, but they have monetary benefits, too. Trees have a positive impact on property values, they help improve air quality, reduce…

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