How to Tell the Difference Between Invasive and Native Vines in Northern Virginia

Apr 25, 2023
The red foliage of the native Virginia creeper vine on a tree in Northern Virginia.

Invasive vines often look like native vines, but there is a clear difference: Invasive vines can harm or kill your native plants and trees. While many of these vines look similar to natives, there are some characteristics you can use to determine which vines are harmful. Once they are identified you can take the steps to get rid of invasive vines by using our invasive vine removal resources and strategies.

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What to Do About Tree Damage to Roofs

Mar 28, 2023
Several large trees grow near a house as viewed from the roof.

Mature, well cared for trees on properties are valuable, provide shade, and make any area look more welcoming. However, the closer the mature trees are to buildings, especially houses, the more problems they can cause. Roofs, especially, can suffer damage from nearby trees.

In this article, we’ll discuss how roofs and trees impact each other, some things to consider when it comes to your trees, some issues to watch for, and how to protect your roof while maintaining your trees.

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The Many Benefits of Winter Tree Pruning & Trimming

Dec 12, 2022
winter pruning

Winter tree pruning has many benefits, both for your trees and for your wallet. Learn why dormant pruning is a good choice for northern Virginia residents.

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Utility-Friendly Trees for Your Northern Virginia Property

Nov 16, 2022
Small trees grow near large utility lines in Virginia.

Planting trees near utility lines is risky. It might reach powerlines and cause huge problem in the future. Read this article to know which kind of trees and shrubs you can plant so it will be safer for your property.

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Don’t Plant These Trees on your Virginia Property

Oct 19, 2022
A row of bradford or callery pear trees with white spring blooms.

All trees provide a lot of benefits to us. But there are also trees that pose problems and could potentially be a threat to other trees on your property. Read this post to learn more about some of the invasive trees in Virginia that you should avoid planting on your property.

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Will Tree Removal Damage My Lawn?

Aug 22, 2022
The Green Vista Tree Care crane balanced on a Northern Virginia property's lawn using Alturna mats to protect the grass.

Tree removal damage to landscape or lawns is inevitable specially when done in a wrong way or by non professional people. Here’s what can be done to avoid damages and protect your property.

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How to Protect Your Trees From Summer Heat Stress

Jun 13, 2022
heat stress in trees

As summer temperatures rise, people start to wilt – and so do trees. In fact, trees can experience heat stress that not only makes them look bad, but also makes them more susceptible to insect and disease problems. Early identification and treatment of heat stress go a long way toward helping them recover. Here’s how to identify and treat heat stress in trees.

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Removing Trees in Narrow, Tight or Hard-to-Reach Spaces

Dec 13, 2021
The Green Vista Tree Care team removes a tree by using a crane over a house.

Removing a tree from a confined or hard-to-reach area can be difficult and dangerous. Learn when, why, and how we do these difficult tree removals (and see us in action!).

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How Landscaping & Construction Can Kill Trees

Oct 25, 2021
Home construction near several trees.

Construction or landscaping can stress and even kill trees, particularly in urban areas. In this article, we explain why it happens, how you can prevent damage and protect your trees during construction, and how to help them recover after the project is finished.

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Fall Tree Care Tips for Northern Virginia

Sep 21, 2021
fall tree care tips northern virginia

Use the impressive display of fall leaf colors to remind you that this is also an important time to give your trees a little extra TLC so they survive winter in tip-top shape. Here are the things we recommend doing each autumn.

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How Trees Can Impact Your Property Value

Aug 16, 2021
Sun shines on a residential block with lots of trees and green grass and a paved road.

Is it worth spending money on tree maintenance? What’s the ROI? What types of tree work have the biggest impact? What should you avoid? We answer those questions and more to help you increase your home’s value.

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Trimming Overgrown Trees? 10 Questions to Ask Before You Start

Jun 17, 2021
Members of the Green Vista Tree Care crew clean up after a summer tree trimming.

Tree pruning can give you the look and space you want without harming your trees – but only if it’s done correctly. Learn what to ask a tree service company (or yourself) before trimming overgrown trees.

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